Scratch Cardd Fundraisers
From youth groups and sports teams to schools, churches, and nonprofits, scratch off fundraisers raise money quickly and easily!

1. Call us and let's talk!


2. We will need to know how many scratch off fundraiser cards you want.  We suggest 1 card for each member of your organization.  The minimum order is 10 total scratch off cards.  There is no maximum quantity.


3. We also need to know how much you want each scratch off card to add up to when it's scratched off.  Our standard cards have 50 spots that range from $.50 to $3.00 (which adds up to $100).  If you want different dollar amounts under the donations spots so your cards are worth more than $100, just let us know!  We can adjust the amounts for no additional cost.


4. If you want your name, logo, &/or photo printed on the front of the cards, you can email them to us. We will design the card for you and email you a proof within 24 hours.  If you want a generic card, we will email you samples to choose from.  We have many themes, including churches, synagogues, school bands, football, baseball, soccer, basketball, swimming, wrestling, rowing, cheerleading, education, libraries, animal shelters, ministry groups, the environment, politics, and kids/youth groups. There is no price difference between generic and custom.


5. Once you have selected your scratch off card and the proof is approved, we'll have you on press and ready to ship within one week.  Payment is due upon shipping.  We ship by UPS.


To get started, just send us an email or call us! 1-440-333-4302

All our cards have  50 scratch off areas.  The amount people can donate ranges from .50 to $3.00 beneath these scratch off areas. You can choose between our generic cards or we can customize a card with your name, logo, and photo.


Each member of your group receives one Scratch for a Cause fundraiser card.  Your members contact friends, family and neighbors asking them to scratch off one or two spots.  People don't mind scratching off and donating because the amounts are so small.


1. Donor scratches 2 or more circles.

2. Donor donates the uncovered amount.


Each scratch off card produces $100 in donations once it's scratched off completely.


How the Scratch Off Card Fundraising Program Works:
How to Order:
How much money can I raise? SMALL GROUP
FUNDRAISERS 10 cards cost $5.00 each You raise $1,000! 25 cards cost $4.50 each. You raise $2,500! 50 cards cost $4.00 each. You raise $5,000!

This is a terrific program for small groups, youth camps, school bands, and sports teams because you only need to order a minimum of 10 scratch off cards to run this program.  Order one card for each member of your group and they're in charge of selling the donation spots.  Once the card is scratched off entirely, it is worth $100!


SCHOOL, NONPROFIT, & CHURCH FUNDRAISERS 1.440.333.4302 100 cards cost $3.50 each You raise $10,000! 250 cards cost $3.00 each You raise $25,000! 500 cards cost $2.00 each
You raise $50,000! 1,000 cards
Call for discounted pricing!
You raise $100,000! 2,500 cards Call for discounted pricing!
You raise $250,000!

This is an unbeatable program for large groups, including schools, nonprofits, and churches.  Instead of selling raffle tickets, hosting a bake sale, or running an expensive casino night - have each of your members be responsible for one card.  When each card is turned in, that's $100!

View generic samples

Customize the front of the cards for your organization: Or choose from any of our generic fronts:

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