How to Play: Basic Rules

Legacy Bible Game is for 2 to 10 players. Ages 10 or older. Playing time: 45 minutes

















Moving clockwise around the table, each player in turn lays down one card. The card must have a connection to the card played by the previous person. Be as logical, creative and strategic as you can! For example, did the people on the cards influence each other (like Jesus and Peter) or did they exhibit similar characteristics such as putting their faith in God to help them overcome a situation (like Moses and Daniel)? When you play your card, read it and explain what you think the cards have in common.



Dealer shuffles the cards so all the categories are mixed together.  S/he deals 7 cards face down on the table to each player.  Dealer is given 8 cards.  The game starts when the Dealer plays the first card from their hand and lays it on the table face up, next to the rest of the deck.

The Deal The Play


Family, friend, adversary or mentor

Faced or overcame similar obstacles

Lived or evangelized in the same place

Performed, received or witnessed a miracle

Came into contact with, built or used an artifact

Exhibited similar characteristics or values




The group decides whether the connection is valid. Sometimes the connections are obvious, other times they may need to be discussed or debated.




If you cannot make a connection to the previously played card, or if the group determines your connection is too vague, you can pass, but you must draw an additional card from the deck and lose your turn.  However, there's a wild card option: play a Call To Action Card!



















The first person to play all their cards wins!

Accepted Connections Judging Wild Card! Winning the Game

Call to Action Cards can be played if you don’t have a card that makes a connection to the previously played card.  Call to Action Cards ask the player to demonstrate ways God has touched their life; for example, finding something you’re grateful for. These cards can ask you to interpret a Scripture quote and make it relevant in today’s society, you may be asked to identify with someone in the Bible, or tell someone in the group  what they mean to you.

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