Customize your Legacy decks!

Customizing Legacy games is easy!

Order at least 25 games and we will customize the cards for free! Print your organization's logo, website, and info on the front of the cards. Proofs are emailed within 48 hours. Why customize?
Printing your name, website, and logo on the front of the cards serves as an undeniable reminder of your organization to everyone who plays this game. Every time the game is played, people will see your name on the cards! CHURCHES & MINISTRIES
Offering this game to your congregation and community is a beautiful way to not only spread Christ's message, but also to promote your church and raise money. Customized with your church name, service times, website, and address, you will positively impact your community. Raise membership and participation too! SCHOOLS
When Legacy Bible Game is used as a fundraiser, with your school's name and website printed on the front side, it is a fundraiser with true community impact. It's not a candy bar or bake sale item that is eaten and thrown away. This is a game that will be saved and played by families for years to come. The positive association people have with the game will translate to your school since they will see your name everytime they play. CAMPS, RETREATS & PRE-CANA
Offering this game at a camp or retreat - or even running a competitive league - is a fantastic way for people to learn the bible, learn who they are in Christ, and have fun and interact with each other all at the same time! Selling or giving a game to each of your campers and participants when they leave is a yearlong reminder of their experience with you - and a terrific way to advertise so they return to your camp or retreat next year!

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