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Legacy Bible Game

Legacy Bible Game: a new kind of bible card game. Connect with us!










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All Legacy Bible Game sets contain 500 completely unique, full color game cards.



100 Call to Action cards

100 Places cards

75 Old Testament cards

75 New Testament cards

50 Miracles cards

50 Events cards

50 Artifacts & Symbols cards


Cards come in a full color display box.  Printed rules are included inside each game box.  You also receive a 10% off coupon with each game that can be used on any future orders from our webstore.


Your enjoyment of our Christian bible game and your satisfaction are important to us.  If you bought something from our webstore and are unhappy for any reason, please email us at info@scratchoffworks.com and we'll do our best to help.

All Legacy Bible Games ship via USPS.   Our free shipping option is for the United States only and takes 5-7 days.  If you need games faster, our expedited shipping option is USPS Priority, which takes 2-3 days.


Please allow 3 to 5 business days for your order to be processed.


Orders placed on Saturday and Sunday will be processed on the next business day.


If you have an event you need games for and it is less than one week away, or if you want a quantity that is not listed on our website, email us and someone will get back to you within 24 hours: info@scratchoffworks.com


We are currently only shipping to the United States and Canada.



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Fun family game!

     Rating | 5.0

I got a copy of Legacy as a test.  My family loved it.  We play a lot of games together, but this one I feel really good about.  It's about time there's a game like this. It's wholesome fun.



Love this game

     Rating | 5.0

Such a fun game. The information is amazing! I got a set as a test too.  I really like the message.  I feel good when I'm playing it and I find I'm still thinking about the Call to Action cards the next day.  Must have game for the season when the relatives come over!!

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This is a new bible game that is an exciting and fun way to learn the bible for people of all ages: it's a Christian family game that provides wholesome fun and quality time together; it's a bible study game that lets you learn the lessons and people of the bible; and it's a great chuch fundraiser that will positively impact your community.  Legacy Bible Game is unlike any other Christian game...you only have to play it once and you'll see why!


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