Legacy Bible Game Fundraisers
Legacy Fundraisers: Better than a bake sale!

Okay, so you are already selling raffle tickets, candy bars, and you have bake sales to raise money for your organization, school or church.  We get it, just about everybody loves sweets... including us here at Legacy!  But literally EVERYBODY needs Christ.  This is what Legacy Bible Game offers.  Each time people play Legacy Bible Game, they find strength as they learn how loving, forgiving, and dependable God is. Every game is different and every game lets you learn something new.  The Call to Action cards help people define their beliefs and make them aware of their influence on the world.  Being accountable for our own actions is the first step to changing our lives and our communities.  A bake sale, raffle ticket, or candy bar fundraiser can't do all this!


Make $5-$15 for every game you sell!

We customize the decks for free.

We also donate 10% back to your organization.



The next time you run a fundraiser, try using Legacy Bible Games.  You can run a Legacy fundraiser with as few or as many games as you want.  We offer wholesale pricing starting at just 25 games.  Quantity and turnaround time are not a problem, so if  you  need 10,000+ games for a mega church or  if you're a nonprofit running a regional or national Christian fundraiser, we can accommodate you.


To personalize your fundraiser and build name awareness for your organization, we can custom your games. Order a minimum quantity of 25 Legacy Bible Games and we will customize your cards for free. That means we will  print your logo, website, and information on the front of the cards absolutely for free!


Ways to use as a fundraiser:

If you're looking to raise money for your church, nothing is faster or more effective than a Legacy fundraiser. Offer this game to your congregation and community. It is a beautiful way to not only spread Christ's message, but also to promote your church and ministries. A Legacy fundraiser raises a lot of money! Customized with your name, logo, service times, website, ministries, and address, you will raise your membership, increase church participation, and positively impact your community! This makes a fantastic "any time of year" ministry fundraiser or use it as a big Christmas fundraiser where your congregation can buy these games from you as gifts for their family and friends...all with your church's name on the game! You raise $5-$15 per game that is sold. Not only that, but we will also donate 10% back to your church! CAMPS, RETREATS & PRE-CANA
Include the price of a Legacy Game into the price of your camp or retreat and give a game to everyone who participates. Or you can sell the games to your campers and participants when they leave - it will be a yearlong reminder of their experience with you as they play the game over the next 12 months. It's also a terrific way to advertise, so they return to your camp or retreat next year! NONPROFIT CHARITIES
Charities can reward their larger donors with a customized game. We will sell the games to you at wholesale pricing. Anyone who donates more than $100 to your organization will receive a game! When Legacy Bible Game is used as a fundraiser with your charity's name and website printed on the front side, it is a fundraiser with serious community impact. This is a game that will be played by people for years to come and act as a constant reminder of your organization. SCHOOLS
When Legacy Bible Game is used as a fundraiser, it produces serious results. It's not a candy bar or bake sale item that is eaten, thrown away, and forgotten a few minutes later. Instead, this is a game that will be saved and played by families for years to come. The positive association people have with the game will translate to your school since they will see your name every time they play. You raise $5-$15 per game that is sold. By asking each of your students to sell 1-2 games to their family and friends will result in a serious fundraiser! For example, with 1,000 students selling only 2 games each, you have just raised $30,000!

Legacy Bible Game + Scratch card fundraisers:

Each card raises $100! Each order of 25 or more cards ships with
1 Legacy Bible Game to give to whomever raises the most money or donates the most money!
10 cards cost $5.00 each. You raise $1,000!
25 cards cost $4.50 each. You raise $2,500!
50 cards cost $4.00 each. You raise $5,000!
100 cards cost $3.50 each. You raise $10,000!
250 cards cost $3.00 each. You raise $25,000!
500 cards cost $2.00 each. You raise $50,000!

If you want the highest profit fundraiser on the market today, this is it! Scratch off fundraisers are perfect for schools, sports teams, churches, and non-profit organizations. We suggest ordering 1 scratch card for each member of your group.  Your members contact friends, family, and neighbors asking them to scratch 1 or 2 spots.  Each card, when scratched off, produces $100 in donations!


• 5" x 7"

• Custom cover with your logo, website, & images

• Back has 50 scratch areas

• Donation spots range from $0.50 to $3.00

• Cards have a 90% profit!


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